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Town of Brownington

I just wanted to take a quick moment to send some praise for your employee, Killian.  I texted him yesterday to see if he was coming my way today because I needed some parts for one of the trucks.  He said he was and told me he would put the parts on the truck first thing.  I thanked him for "talking shop" on a Sunday and he replied, "No problem we appreciate your business".  That kind of loyality and respect cannot be trained.  I then texted him this morning at 5:00 am requesting more parts.  He got those parts on the truck and I will receive them today.  These kind of "above and beyond" efforts should not go unnoticed and is the reason I continue to do business with Clark's Truck Center.

Thanks again,

Steve D..
Road Foreman
Town of Brownington, VT

 Town of Stowe Dept. of EMS

Good Morning Randy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

As I've taken the opportunity previously to speak up when we've had "trouble," I now need to write to say thanks.                                                                                                                        Monday night, we had an instance where A1 was backing out of a driveway on a narrow private road, and the back wheels went off the road down into a culvert gathering point in a drainage ditch: this truck was stuck!  Stuck, high centered essentially on the frame rails/box, nose up in the air and blocking a road.  Thankfully there were no patient care related implications (phew).  Eventually Bryan came with your big wrecker, and assisted us out of the situation, he then gave a cursory look, climbing under the truck (dark night, raining, muddy road) and found a fan from the rear AC hanging off, he was able to properly disconnect this fan so it would not drag, and the truck was able to be driven back to the station. Yesterday, once we had a driver available, Frank and the service department were able to accomodate us bringing the truck by for a more thorough look over to assure it was in a safe and drivable condition, and evaluate what would be nneded for repairs.  The truck got stuck around 10:45pm, and got back to our station around 2:30am, so Im sure Bryan had a long night in poor conditions.  I am a firm believer in the "the right tool for the right job" and Bryand and your wrecker are certainly it.       Please pass along our thanks to everyone involved in helping us through the challenges that presented themselves.  We still have some repairs to make, and we will have them done of course, but we are in good hands, and appreciate that.                    Be well Randy.

Scott Brinkman Chief // AEMT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Town of Stowe Dept. of EMS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Stowe, VT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 802-253 9060  +224                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              [email protected]

Twin City Fuel, Fitchburg, MA

We at Twin City Fuel, wanted to thank Russ and all the wonderful staff at Clark's Truck Center.  Our new 2017 International 4300 with Trans Tec tank was delivered yesterday and we could not be more happy with the truck and with Clark's Truck Center.  We were blown away with the level of customer service we received and with the speed of the buying process.  They mde it easy and seamless.  We know with our continually growing business we will be using Clark's Truck Center in the future.  We all at Twin City Fuel thank you and appreciate all you have done for us!

You guys are the best!

Jason, John, Andrea & Deb

Twin City Fuel

323 Princeton Rd

Fitchburg, MA 01420

[email protected]





Jeffords Steel and Engineering Company, Plattsburgh, NY

I would just like to say your staff over in Plattsburgh from: Wade; Tammy; Gail; John; Trevor; both Mikes, good job picking them up, and Keatra, are doing a super job. Also all the guys in the shop have done an excellent job in keeping us running; getting me parts; and helping us out when I needed help. They all are a pleasure to work with I just want you to know that 85% of my parts come from you now and you service our trucks when needed. When it was the previous owner, it did not run like this; you have done a great job over here with your staff; prices and quality of work. I just wanted to say I am happy you came across the pond Plattsburgh needed you thanks again for all the great service. 
Woody Dispatch Manager. 
PS  and yes, last but not least: Brent is an awesome saleperson, he has done an excellent job taking care of my needs and getting me trucks super person, you could not have a better person representing your company.
James Wood, Dispatch Manager
518-561-4061 ext. 156
Jeffords Steel and Engineering Company

Town of Westmore, Vermont

I just wanted to send a quick note about what a pleasure it is to work with Rio. He is my go to guy for everything I need here. If he does not carry it he finds it for me and gets me a great price. He reply's to my emails, texts and phone calls very quickly and that means a lot to me. He's not pushy but informs me of all my options and how other towns purchase their products. I have had some issues with some others when i call your facility. It felt as though I was bothering them and another time they did not know the product they were selling. I told Rio about it and he immediately apologized for his co-workers actions and explained the cause of their actions as best he could. Before he left that day he made sure I knew that Clark's Truck Center appreciated my business. He is a company man, great salesman and an asset to your company. Thank you for your time, -Steve

Steve Davenport, Road Foreman
Town Of Westmore

Polsinello Fuels and Ausable Forks Fire Dept., New York

"I just want to take a moment and tell you my thoughts on Amber Aubin. Everyone today is always complaining about someone or something. So I am emailing some of my vendors and giving kudos to employees that stand out. I have never been happier dealing with International parts sales people, since she has became my salesman. Here at Polsinello I am never the easiest person to deal with, lol. But she has done an amazing job with our needs for our fleet. Courtesy, timeliness and knowledge make her a stand out and asset to the Clark team.

Also I have went back to ordering parts through her for AuSable Forks Fire Dept. because of her and dealing with her at Polsinello. She has done amazing with our needs there and as an officer I can say we are very satisfied with the service we receive from her with parts knowledge.

Aaron Fung
Polsinello Fuels Inc.
1-800-282-5823 ext 808
Aaron Fung
Asst Chief
Ausable Forks Fire Dept.


Town of Berlin, Vermont

"I would like to thank everyone at Clarks for all you have done for the Town of Berlin and me. The entire group at Clarks is very helpful and great to deal with. You have a very pleasant and courteous staff.

I would like to give Tim and the rest of your service department special thanks for the quick and timely service we receive on any problem we have with our trucks.

I look forward to working with you for a long time.

Thank you."

Tate (Richard) Tetreault
Road Superintendent

Mountain Transit, Inc.

"Dear Randy,
I wanted to take the time this morning to again express my sincere appreciation for your generous gifts to the Vermont School Bus Drivers who attended the driver appreciation day on Saturday April 9th.

Beyond the gift it was the thought that impressed me the most. These are truly special people who operate under extreme conditions every day and the shirts were a welcome addition to show our gratitude for the great job they do. Your gesture also displayed your appreciation for your customers and their employees.

It is the generous support from people like you that makes our area a better place to work and live."

John R. Sharrow
Vice president


Town of Johnson, Vermont

"Dear Randy:
As you know, on the 27th of December of this year, our truck was brought to your facility with a blown rear end. I was thoroughly impressed to learn that it would be ready for the road less than eight hours later. Your service department is top shelf and can stack up against any other service department in the state. I know of no other business that threats customers the way you, your sons, and your technicians have treated us.

In the past 20 years I have witnessed how you as a father and a leader have brought CTC to where it is today. You have raised your sons to be respectful, entrepreneurial gentlemen who will have no problems running the business, should you ever retire. I have the utmost respect for CTC's dedicated team efforts and loyal customer relations; I look forward to your continued excellent service."

Steve Smith
Road Foreman


Town of Marshfield, Vermont

"Dear Sirs:
We wish to thank you for the exceptional service you provide to us on December 8th and 13th. Both repairs were substantial: changing out a rear end , and major engine repair on separate trucks. Each time the work was performed on a moment's notice and both times it was completed in less than 24 hours!

Winter is a difficult time of year for us and we need all of our trucks running. Without the incredible service that you provided we would have had significant difficulty in maintaining our roads. THANK YOU!

Chris Martin, Chair
John Warshow
George Longenecker

Percy Transportation, LLC

"Dear Clark Family,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help and patience with me since I took over the business. I didn't think it would be as mind boggling as it was getting started. I know that I have gotten very frustrated at times and been just a little b---- when I have talked to you guys. Now that things have quieted down around here and are running smoothly (knock on wood) I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for your expertise and help when I have called. I look forward to giving you my business for many years to come."

Elaine Percy


"Dear Clark's Truck Center,
Working in a retail business I sometimes feel you may only receive negative feedback. You rarely are told about a job well done so I am writing to tell you just that.

We call Clark's for different reasons: repairs and towing. I sometimes need to call from the office because the drivers do not have cell phone coverage. I'm always treated well even though sometimes I am really not sure about the situation with the truck. Your staff is kind and courteous and patient when I call with very little information. I get better service calling Clarks with a problem with a truck I know nothing about, then when I call my local mechanic about a car I drive every day.

So, we thank you for helping us serve our customers the best we are able to. We only hope to be able to serve our customers as well as you do."

Thank You,
Renee Benoit
Customer Relations Representative