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Clark's Truck Center
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Big Change Round Up

Clark's Truck Center & Cambridge Elementary  Big Change Round Up 2018 nearly 17000 4Jeneya 2017

In Memory of Jenaya D'Amico

  • $15,000  Goal Surpassed!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our employees, especially Dustin, Sara and my mom (Kitty) also to all the kids (and their parents) at Cambridge Elementary and ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS for your efforts to support The University of Vermont Children's Hospital.  This year CLARK'S TRUCK CENTER AND CAMBRIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL'S DONATIONS WERE in honor of Jenaya and other children like her. Jenaya, age 9, was a third grade student at Cambridge Elementary School and a proud Change Bandit. She was also a former recipient of services at the Vermont Children’s Hospital. She was a genuinely happy little girl who always shared her quick smile, laughter, and love with her family, friends, and community. She enjoyed school, playing soccer, basketball, and softball. Jenaya passed away unexpectedly on April 16, 2017. Your support of the Big Change Round-up, is as Jenaya would have done, had she remained with us. Your donations were much appreciated by her Mother, Melanie D’Amico, Brothers, Jake and Jordan D’Amico, Clark’s Truck Center and Cambridge Elementary!! Thank you!

This is the 10th year that I have helped the wonderful people at WOKO as well as the University of Vermont Medical Center, Childrens Ward with Dr. Lewis First raise money for the Big Change Round Up.  Ten years ago my goal was $3,000 and each year it has increased, this year (2018) it was $15,000 and with your help we actually surpassed that to a little over $17,000!

Again, to have the support of so many friends is over whelming....THANK YOU

 Russ Clark ...